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New Car Protection

(Your car will be with us for around 2 days)

Pricing starts from £450

Do new cars need polishing?

Answer put simply, yes they do. You might think why? Here’s a couple reasons why it needs polishing.


As a brand new car you would expect perfect paint but sometimes this just isn’t the case. From their production line they get sanding marks, buffer trails etc. More often than not you will typically see micro swirls/scratches. These are either from the factory or dealerships. Also storage has a lot to play for, as new cars tend to be shipped or sit in compounds waiting to be collected.

We carry out a single stage machine polish to lift any imperfections within the paintwork - giving it more clarity and gloss.

Optional Extras:

Ceramic Coating: £250.

Glass Coating G1: £50.

Seats/carpets  and all contact areas get protected: £100.

Alloy Wheel Coating  C5 (Faces Only): £50.

Wheels Off Detail with coating: £200.

On each package you choose you will get daily updates on how your car is progressing.

Watch the process
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