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The Full Story


Here at Dixons Valeting and Detailing we started up in 2019 with very little to begin with. A old garage that I turned into my own little work space, on a very steep hill that wasn't ideal but I made it work. 

In 2021 I moved into a shared unit. This was an amazing eye opener for me as I was able to start machine polishing. I knew was the path I wanted to take. Being here for only a couple of months my clientele started to grow whilst I was at this unit. As I progressed it was time to look for my own space which did take a while.

In 2022 I finally found the perfect location Based in Cowbridge. I started to turn this unit into a detailing studio. Polishing packages became my focus, by this I was able to work on my first super car (Audi R8).

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