What is a paint enhancement?
This is a single stage machine polish to remove MOST but not all swirls/scratches on the paintwork. It provides a deeper gloss and clarity to the paint giving it the extra pop your pride and joy deserves; all without breaking the bank. this package is perfect for those that are new to detailing.

What is the process?

  • Prewash/snow foam

  • Doors/sills cleaned and arches flushed out

  • Alloys, and tyres cleaned ready for the dressing

  • Two bucket method was using a PH neutral shampoo

  • Tar deposits removed by a chemical cleaner known as 'Fallout'

  • Whole vehicle is then clay barred giving the body work a smooth finish ready for the machine polishing to begin 

  • Whole vehicle is dried using a plush towel

  • High quality polish is then used with a mild finishing polishing pad to ensure a high level of gloss with MOST swirls/scratches removed

  • Spray sealant or carnauba wax (choice is yours) is then applied to protect the bodywork and enhance the gloss even more 

  • Tyres dressed followed by exhaust tips polished

  • Glass cleaned and sealed 

We are now offering Ceramic Coating after both our minor paint correction and our paint enhancement detail. The price for this will be added on top of these prices. For a quote please see our 'Get a Quote' page.​